Mediation & Collaborative Law - Law Office of Joel E. Segall
Welcome to the Law Offices of Joel E. Segall. We are a family-owned and operated firm in Owings Mills, Maryland. Our firm focuses primarily on family and domestic law. We also have other areas of specialty to serve your legal needs.
family and domestic law, employment law, social security disability, personal injury, estate planning, mediation, and collaborative law
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Mediation & Collaborative Law

Our law practice is proud to participate in newer methods of family law, unfamiliar to many—collaborative law and mediation.

As a mediator, Joel E. Segall is trained to serve as the facilitator in your divorce – overseeing and guiding negotiations between partners, acting as a neutral third party in an effort to achieve an amicable, acceptable resolution for both parties. Alternative forms of dispute resolution afford parties multiple options to ensure each family’s specific needs are met, while enabling the parties to reduce their attorney’s fees.

Collaborative law provides a pathway for individuals to resolve what would otherwise be a complicated and prolonged case, without going to Court. All matters are handled outside of the courtroom, in a more relaxed atmosphere, while preserving the assistance provided by counsel and coaches. Collaborative Law is designed to help the parties achieve a resolution, minus the courtroom adversity and theatrics.


As a mediator, I can serve as the ‘peacemaker’ in your divorce – overseeing and guiding negotiations between each partner, acting as your third party to come to a mutually acceptable resolution. It brings multiple options to the surface to fit the needs of you and your child(ren).


Collaborative law is a hybrid between traditional divorce and mediation practices. In this case, each party may hire their own individual attorney in order to negotiate peacefully and share documents to come to a consensus efficiently.


I’d be pleased to help you and your partner reach an agreement with one another using new collaborative methods that remove some stress from divorce issues. It’s my pleasure and honor to hear the concerns of each side and find an appropriate middle ground that best fits both parties.