Employment Law - The Law Office of Joel E. Segall
We are the Law Offices of Joel E. Segall, a small, family-owned and operated firm in Baltimore, Maryland that focuses our primary attention on family and domestic law.
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Employment Law

Every worker deserves safe and healthy working conditions. Although laws do exist to protect workers from harm, physical working conditions are not the only hazards in the workplace. Workers often endure unfair and illegal treatment when they are unaware of their rights in the workplace, or when they fear their employer may retaliate. Such treatment should never be tolerated, and victims of these practices no longer have to “just deal with” discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and a host of other illegal employer practices.

The Law Office of Joel E. Segall is experienced in handling a wide range of civil cases involving unfair employment practices perpetrated by employers in the state of Maryland, as well as discrimination in the work force of certain classes of people. If you believe you have been the victim of unfair, illegal or discriminatory treatment in the workplace, please reach out to speak to us. We are here to help.