Areas of Service - Law Office of Joel E. Segall
Welcome to the Law Offices of Joel E. Segall. We are a family-owned and operated firm in Owings Mills, Maryland. Our firm focuses primarily on family and domestic law. We also have other areas of specialty to serve your legal needs.
family and domestic law, employment law, social security disability, personal injury, estate planning, mediation, and collaborative law
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Areas of Service

segall law

Family & Domestic Law

Family disputes can be incredibly disruptive to the physical and emotional well being of your personal relationships and family structures. We understand the difficulty of your experiences, and we will guide you through legal disputes so you and your family may move forward.

Employment Law

Every worker deserves safe and healthy working conditions. Although laws do exist to protect workers from harm, physical working conditions are not the only hazards in the workplace. Workers often endure unfair and illegal treatment when they are unaware of their rights in the workplace, or when they fear their employer may retaliate. Such treatment should never be tolerated, and victims of these practices no longer have to “just deal with” discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and a host of other illegal employer practices.

segall law

Estate Planning

The future is undoubtedly uncertain. No matter what it brings, a well-drafted estate plan will ensure that you and your family are cared for in the manner that best reflects your goals and objectives. We do more than create estate plans here; we provide clients peace of mind.

Mediation & Collaborative Law

As a mediator, I can serve as the ‘peacemaker’ in your divorce – overseeing and guiding negotiations between each partner, acting as your third party to come to a mutually acceptable resolution. It brings multiple options to the surface to fit the needs of you and your child(ren).


Social Security Disability

We are proud to represent clients in the Baltimore area seeking Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Workers Comp & Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured on the job, you already have enough to worry about; an injury can significantly alter your quality of life. Obtaining benefits for lost wages, medical treatment, and permanency awards can be a huge struggle. Our main priority is to help injured workers get the benefits they deserve to treat their injuries, pay their bills, and continue supporting their families.