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With so many law firms to choose from, we are honored that you are considering our practice. Whether you found us through a Google search, a referral, or word-of-mouth, we are glad you stopped by, and we hope you will take the time to visit our entire site.


Our focus lies in Family & Domestic Law. However, as our Areas of Service indicates, we are excellently equipped to also assist you in several other areas of law, including:

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A friend in the office, a voice in the courts, and a supporter for life.

—Joel Segall, Esquire

Our firm is boutique by design; we’ve built our success and our reputation by providing personal attention to every single client, no matter their need.

We work to find emotionally and financially beneficial solutions to legal matters by using alternative dispute resolution methods, when available. As a certified mediator and trained collaborative law attorney, our principal owner, Joel E. Segall, cultivated this family-like atmosphere and relationship with our clients, reveling in clients’ successes, and in the knowledge that our clients come back to us for all of their legal needs.

Our firm represents clients throughout the State of Maryland, focusing primarily in the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Baltimore City
  • Carroll
  • Harford
  • Howard
  • Montgomery
  • Prince George’s

Family Law Cases

We are fearless and highly skilled courtroom litigators when our clients are battling a difficult spouse, ex-spouse, or another parent. Yet, we are also focused on settlement when there is a reasonable chance to achieve the right result through negotiations.


Workers Comp Cases

We have experience helping workers across the state get compensation after a workplace injury. From cases involving pre-existing medical conditions aggravated due to an accident or incident within the workplace to permanent disability cases caused on the job, we can help.


Personal Injury Cases

From simple auto accidents to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death claims, we will stand with you, and stand for you.


Happy Clients

We hear this alot: “You’re more than just my attorney, I consider you my friend.” That’s because our clients are part of the entire process. We rely on one another to get the best result possible.

Our Clients Testimonials

Circuit Court

In addition to serious criminal cases, Circuit Courts handle a variety of major civil cases such as juvenile and other family law issues including divorce, custody, and child support. Cases that make it to the Circuit Court have often been appealed from lower Maryland Courts.

District Court

The District Court handles civil cases, such as landlord-tenant cases and replevin actions, but it does not conduct jury trials. However, the District Court has exclusive jurisdiction in claims of or under $5,000, and concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Courts in claims for amounts over $5,000 but less than $30,000.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law, as opposed to traditional litigation, is an alternative dispute resolution process that involves the parties and lawyers agreeing to solve the conflict via cooperative negotiations. These arrangements occur outside of the court on an informal basis. Yet, when complete, the resulting order has the same standing as if the matter was tried before a court or other trier of fact.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution wherein both parties meet with a neutral mediator to settle the case. However, the parties are not bound to the mediation.


The process of adoption and the requirements it involves are immensely complex. For example, in Maryland, a legal adoption process does not necessarily grant a foreign-born child permanent resident or citizen status. A lawyer can assist with public, private, and independent adoptions.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of who or where they are. Lawyers involved in these cases protect and represent victims (or sometimes, perpetrators), and can also connect them to additional resources that can help them. Under Maryland Law, domestic violence is violence or abuse that occurs between family or household members, including assault, child abuse and abuse of a vulnerable adult, rape and other sex crimes, false imprisonment, stalking, and causing serious bodily harm or placing the victim in imminent fear of serious bodily harm. Domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone, male or female, old or young, and regardless of who or where they live. As lawyers, we protect and represent victims, and we can also connect you to other available resources and services. Visit our Forms & Resources page for additional information.


Any doubts or concerns about paternity can be easily determined with a genetic test. If it is confirmed that you have a child outside of your marriage, for example, a lawyer can help you understand and work through your rights as the child(ren)’s father.


When a person is unable to take care of their personal or financial needs because of age, disease, or disability, the court may appoint a guardian. Court-appointed guardians protect our most vulnerable individuals. There are many resources available including an orientation program, training programs, and much more.